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Do you have old cubicles, desks, chairs or office equipment taking up space? Are you wondering what to do with it? We can help.

Our staff of experienced liquidators will remove your old, unused or excess furnishings and equipment from your office or storage area and save you money!


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We Buy or Remove Used Chairs, Cubicles and Office Furniture 


Just give us a call and we will come to your space and evaluate your furniture. We promise to promptly let you know if your used furniture has resale value and, if applicable, give you a fair, honest quote. Even your used chairs may have value.

 *Some furniture may only have haul-away value. Older inventory may cost to remove. We will let you know if there is resale value to your existing furniture. 

We come to you or you can simply send photos of your used furniture to:



MN Discount Office has partnered with Turner Office Resources!

When you contact Minnesota Discount Office, the experienced and licensed installers and liquidators at Turner Office Rescources will review your inventory and determine a cost of removal, depending on condition. To learn more, send an email to mndiscountoffice.com or visit turnerofficeresources.com

We buy Steelcase, Herman Miller and Haworth chairs.

We also buy used office chairs from other brand name manufacturers. Chairs must be in usable condition with no rips, tears or broken parts.

Call, text, or e-mail info@mndiscountoffice.com today for a free, no-obligation estimate. You can also e-mail photos to the above address and we will let you know if we may be interested in your chairs. 


Furniture in larger quantities and in good working order will have more value, while individual odds and ends may have less. Once a liquidation agreement is made, we will break down, load and remove all unwanted furniture and equipment. 

Panel systems will be disassembled by professional installers.  All components will be separated and removed in a timely manner.


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